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Easy - Magic Seed LP+CD

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limited edition 12" vinyl in gatefold sleeve + CD

A1 Castle Train
A2He Brings The Honey
A3Cloud Chamber
A4Damn Sugar
A5Sunny Day
B1Land Diving
B3Between John & Yoko
B4Pleasure Cruise
B5Magic Seed

remastered re-release of Easy's classic debut album (originally released in 1990 on Blast First Records UK and worldwide) with 6 bonus tracks. The album was a massive success, even outselling label mates Sonic Youth "Evol" at the time. Now released for digital download for the first time, Physical versions are available as 10-track vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve (incl the 16-track CD) and as gatefold CD with 16-tracks.
"Cloud Chamber" is released as single and video.